WiFi Thermostats & Home AutomationIf you’re looking to improve comfort and convenience, take better care of heating and cooling equipment and significantly reduce monthly bills, give Accutemp Engineering a call at (617)926-1221. Our team will help you determine the best thermostat option for you, keeping in mind your budget, needs and expectations.

WiFi Thermostat Installations and Replacements

Why replace your thermostat with a wifi one?

  • Intelligent capabilities allow automatic adjustments based on the demands of the indoor space, energy savings and your preferences and schedule.
  • Wifi connectivity allows you to set temperature and access features from just about anywhere in the world from an app on your smartphone.
  • Knowing your schedule, sensing when you’re not home and utilizing options such as geofencing, the thermostat maximizes energy savings.
  • Reducing the workload of the HVAC system adds up to greater equipment reliability and longevity.
  • Take advantage of greater temperature accuracy, more consistent comfort and less need to make adjustments.
  • Partnering the right thermostat with your HVAC system allows for zoning, catering to occupancy, room requirements and preferences.
  • A smart thermostat can remind you when filters are due to be replaced and when it’s time to schedule maintenance.
  • Humidity sensors help improve comfort and air quality.

Benefits of a Nest Home Automation System

Energy Efficiency

Sick of paying for high utility bills just for keeping your home at a comfortable temperature when you are there? Nest Pro offers a connection to your home’s comfort system no matter where you are. Simply connect to the Nest thermostat from your mobile phone and gain access to all of your environment settings. This plus many other modern features enables you to control the comfort of your home and maximize efficiency.

Not only does Nest help to reduce your utility bills, but the Nest system also offers protection to your family and home. Watch the video below to learn just how Nest uses cutting edge technology to allow you stress-free comfort. If you have any questions about getting this system installed in your home, give us a call today at (617)926-1221!

Professional Home Automation Solutions

Advanced automation has become an essential and effective aspect of daily modern life. We’ve gone from a tangle of cords to wireless technology, and today’s smart home integrates appliances, devices, and systems into a single interface that can be remotely controlled. The lights, thermostat, door locks, security cameras, audio speakers, sump pumps, and any smart device can be accessed through an app on your phone.

Accutemp Engineering brings you user-friendly, high-tech functionality, security, convenience, and luxury without disrupting your home for the sake of installation. The possibilities are nearly endless and continue to expand. With easy upgrades, the system is future-proof. If you’re ready to get started, reach out to us today! Our expert technicians customize system design and provide skilled completion within Watertown, Belmont, Lexington, Newton, Natick, Stoneham, Concord, Weston & Wellesley.

What are some advantages of smart home automation?

  • Manage countless household devices and functions through a single app on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Replace appliances, add new devices and integrate new technology seamlessly to keep up with the latest in innovation.
  • Incorporate security and surveillance features such as motion detectors, automated door locks, surveillance cameras and exterior lights to maximize safety and peace of mind.
  • Remote access allows you to start appliances, adjust lights and temperature, see who is standing on the front step and handle all sorts of functions from anywhere at any time.
  • Precision control over appliances such as the heating and cooling system and lights increases energy efficiency and reduces costs.
  • Connecting appliances and systems to automation technology maximizes potential effectiveness, convenience and enjoyment.
  • Monitor daily habits, energy consumption and more to make improvements.
  • Better smart home innovations are constantly developed to improve household operation.

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