Residential preventative maintenance is crucial to keeping your HVAC unit in good condition and preventing costly repairs. Invest in preventive maintenance with Accutemp to save money in the long run.

  1. Prevent costly breakdowns– receiving bi-annual (or applicable) preventative maintenance services helps detect minor issues before they escalate into larger, more expensive ones. 
  2. Extend the lifespan of your unit– our routine maintenance includes thoroughly cleaning all the components in your unit, ensuring it runs at peak efficiency, and can help extend its lifespan. 
  3. Ensure the indoor air quality remains healthy and comfortable in your home. Changing your filters bi-annually (or applicable) is essential to maintaining healthy and comfortable indoor air quality, as it prevents the air from filtering through all the trapped debris before entering the air!

Accutemp Engineering Preventative Maintenance Benefits

  1. Priority service
  2. Reduced labor rates
  3. 10% discount on all parts replaced
  4. 5% discount on a complete system replacement while under contract
  5. No overtime rates on our 24/7 emergency service

Here are some of the preventative maintenance services Accutemp Engineering provides, including but not limited to:

Cooling- AC/ Heat Pump

  • Change/ Clean filters
  • Check Belts and pulleys
  • clean and test drains
  • check condensate pump Operation
  • visual checks for refrigerant leaks
  • check refrigerant pressures and Temperatures
  • check contactors for wear and tear
  • check capacitor
  • check compressor amperage
  • check condenser fan amperage
  • check blower amperage
  • tighten all electrical connections

Heating- Boiler

  • Remove and clean burners
  • test ignition assembly
  • clean flame sensor
  • inspect heat exchanger
  • inspect piping for any leaks
  • check gas pressure
  • inspect and tighten electrical
  • purge air out of lines
  • test all pumps
  • test spill switch Operation
  • test Safety switch Operation

Heating- Gas

  • Change/ Clean filters
  • Check Belts and pulleys
  • remove and clean burner logs
  • remove and clean pilot assembly
  • check gas pressure
  • check flame current
  • test all Safety devices
  • ohm out Igniter
  • tighten all electrical connections
  • check delta across heat exchanger

Tankless water heater

  • drain system and descale heat exchanger with solution
  • clean flame sensor
  • inspect and tighten electrical
  • clean air intake screen
  • check gas pressure
  • visually inspect for any leaks
  • clean condensate trap
  • clean drain and then test
  • visually inspect heat exchanger for any cracks
  • purge air out of lines
  • check pump operation


  • Change/ Clean filters
  • Check Belts and pulleys
  • test refrigerant charge
  • check electrical
  • clean evap. coil
  • inspect pump strainer
  • inspect pump controls
  • grease pumps if needed
  • perform operations test
  • check delta across heat exchanger

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