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Whether in the home or at the workplace, you need to be sure the air is safe and healthy. Today, more than ever, indoor air quality is a big concern. Our team at Accutemp Engineering focuses on the root cause of the issue and targets our services specific to our local area. Our 40+ years of experience in Watertown, Belmont, Lexington, Newton, Natick, Stoneham, Concord, Weston & Wellesley are partnered with regular training updates and cutting-edge technology to provide the right solution for you.

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The Benefits of UV Lights from Carrier

Did you know: Mold and mildew can grow within your HVAC system’s coils, impacting indoor air quality and system efficiency. Ultraviolet (UV) lamps from Carrier protect your system and air quality by killing unwanted bacteria and preventing mold growth. Contact Accutemp Engineering to learn more about UV Light Installation and other indoor air quality solutions.

Professional Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Carrier UV LightsWith dry winters, humid summers, and temperatures that fluctuate from the teens into the high nineties, we’re often forced indoors. A tightly sealed thermal envelope is essential to energy efficiency. While problems with excess moisture, insufficient humidity, airborne pathogens, and stale, stuffy air are common, the challenges and demands of your space are unique. You can count on Accutemp Engineering to customize our recommendations for the best return from your investment.

Accutemp Engineering draws from industry-leading and recognized manufacturers as Carrier. Our line of air quality innovations offers quiet operation, minimal maintenance requirements, and effective improvement. We encourage you to reach out to us at (617) 926-1221 to discuss options. Our qualified technicians and knowledgeable staff provide answers, information, and recommendations that set your mind at ease. Let us assist you with service across Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire.

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By targeting your specific needs and expectations, we not only meet them, we exceed them in every way possible.

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