Investing in the upkeep of your cooling system delivers long-term rewards. Call on the professionals from Accutemp Engineering for seasonal air conditioner maintenance in and around Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire. We’ll complete the necessary tasks to optimize performance.

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Efficient AC Maintenance

With meticulous cleaning, tuning, and troubleshooting, our licensed mechanics remove any buildup of contaminants, address any worn or broken parts, and restore factory condition.  The result is a cooling system operating at maximum energy efficiency and cooling capacity, healthier air quality, reduced sound levels, superior reliability, less chance of property damage or malfunction, and extended service life.

Keep your system in top working order with air conditioning service from Accutemp Engineering!

Accutemp Engineering not only adheres to exacting industry standards for maintenance procedures, we make the service convenient, affordable, and non-invasive.  Give us a call at (617) 926-1221, and we’ll set up an appointment that works for you, arrive right on time, and leave no debris, or mess behind.  Our uniformed professionals are proficient in all manufacturers, models, and styles of air conditioners and fulfill the requirements of warranty coverage.  Committed to your satisfaction, Accutemp Engineering serves your best interests with top quality service throughout our surrounding communities.

Accutemp Engineering

By targeting your specific needs and expectations, we not only meet them, we exceed them in every way possible.

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